Dr. Gwen is a lifelong entrepreneur and former Sergeant in the US Marines. She uses organic life experiences to simplify complex ideas.

Through speaking on stage and in virtual and recorded classes, she’s helped countless people worldwide discover their purpose and reach their goals through innovative thinking.

Through decades of personal growth, learning from life experiences, and high-level coaches and mentors, Dr. Gwen is now applying her talents to help youth. Her childhood experiences, crafted through years of teaching, have helped her hone her craft.

She’s been a business owner for decades and has been blessed to incorporate and weave her life experiences into unique stage, zoom, audio, writing, and video teachings.

She’s responsible for over one billion dollars in sales from her students. Gwen is also Transgender.

"Our beliefs and defense mechanisms can create invisible barriers that prevent us from experiencing life and growing as a person. These beliefs, whether positive or negative, can stay with us for our entire lives, shaping our world perception and affecting the decisions we make."